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A LONG time...

Well, it's been a very LONG time since my last post. Almost a year has gone by now. It's crazy how time flies. I have wanted to post so many times and I'm just too busy with four kids around. I hardly have any computer time as it is. And, I'm not a natural at writing anything so this is work for me to post. :)
We are all doing great. Sophia will turn 10 in September, Silas is almost 8, Dawit turned 5 in June and Genet will be 2 in October. They grow too fast. I am still home with the kids and now homeschooling them since August 1st. We are all loving school so far this year. Genet just walks around and makes a mess and is loud. The other kids have learned to tune her out when they are doing their school.

We are a family now. It took longer to bond as a family then I ever thought it would. I went through the post-adoption blues (really depression) for months. At the nine month mark is when things finally started feeling more "normal" for me. So, now I am really enjoying my four children and we are all a close family now. Adoption is so different than having your own. Especially when they come from a different country. They go through their own process of bonding and grieving what they just left. Mine both did very well in their transition. My oldest (biological) and I are the two that struggled most with it. But, I am praising God for my beautiful family and all that God has done in the past year. We are all stronger for going through this process. July 19th was our one year anniversary of our Gotcha Day. I will also post our videos of that day in a later post.

Well, here are some pictures of the family now. Sorry for the year break in blogging. Maybe I can keep my blog more current from now on. But, no promises. ;)