We are home from ET!

We are home and doing great as a family of SIX! I will update more in a few days when all the family leaves and things settle down around here. But, just want to say that we LOVE Ethiopia and miss it greatly! We loved Paris too! Had a perfect trip, everyone stayed healthy most of the time (nothing too bad), bonding happened right away with both of them. They are great kids!!! I have a TON of pictures and videos of the trip, including the ones of the new families that wanted pics of their kids. They are ALL so cute!!! Can't wait to tell you ALL about how great Ethiopia is and our trip! Thanks for all your prayers throughout our trip, I felt them the whole time!!! Love you all!


Off we go!!!!!

Here we go... off the the airport! We will see you all on July 28th when we come home as a family of SIX!!!!! I will keep you posted on Facebook as much as possible! Love you all!


Dawit with his care package

Here are some of the pictures of Dawit getting his care package from us. Thanks Janet and Amy for taking it to him and loving on him for us! I love the video too! We can't wait to get our hands on him!!!!!!! 2 more days until we leave! One week from today until we meet them. I can't even put into words how I am feeling right now!!!!!!