Change has happened in the Kingsbury home!

The Kingsbury home has had some big changes in the last week (big for us anyway)! No, we did not get any news on the adoption, unfortunately. Scott and I have been doing a lot of talking the last couple months about how we could simplify our lives by adjusting our schedules, creating more margin, and making more money. Simple right? We haven't been seeing much of each other lately with him working days and me working nights. It's been difficult. Everytime we talked about it, it seemed the only solution was for me to go back to work. Ughh! I love being home with the kids all day and homeschooling them. In fact, if it were up to me I would always stay home with the kids and not work at all so I could school them, make nice meals for my family and keep my house clean and in order.

God had other plans though. We really want to pay off some debt along with preparing for the adoption costs and despite my efforts, I couldn't come up with a better idea so... YEP... I've gone back to work. In the future I can hopefully, again, be a house wife, but for now we had to make the tough choice.

I called my boss and asked her if she needed anyone during the daytime to work. She was so excited. She said it was a miracle that I was asking because they really needed someone and she would love to have me. That means we would have to put the kids in public school (yikes!). I have always homeschooled them. So, we asked the kids what they thought and they said no way! We continued to talk about it a lot more and somewhere along the way God did an amazing work in their little hearts and in mine too. Within just a few days we were all excited about the change. ONLY God could have done that in our hearts!

Scott and I walked them into their classrooms together and met their teachers. They are both very sweet. In fact, Silas's teacher is a friend of ours from church and was in our community group for awhile. That was a nice suprise.

They started school on Tuesday this week and I started work on Wednesday. We are all tired from the change in schedule, but we had a great week. I love my job and the kids love school. In fact, Sophia is at a birthday party now with all her new school friends and was greeted at the door with hugs from four of the girls in her class. Praise God for that. Our children adjust to change so well. When we moved here to OK from TN they never skipped a beat and now it seems the same. Silas loves his class too and his teacher. He was tested this week and is one of the top in his class. That doesn't surprise me at all. He could probably do just fine in 1st grade, but I want to keep him with his age group. I will just have to challenge him more at home. I didn't realize how much "busy work" they give them in public school. It is crazy how many papers Silas brought home in the four days he went this week and to me it all seems like preschool work. So, it will be a challenge to keep him from getting bored. Sophia's class seems to be right on track for her. She is doing great in her class and participating a lot already.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know what the Kingsbury's have been up to in the last week. Crazy change around her, but God is in control!!!!!!!! I prayed at the beginning of the week that God would take care of every little detail so that I wouldn't have to worry about them. And He did more that I could have ever done on my own. It really is amazing how faithful God is in every situation when you give Him control. Thank you Lord for Your Peace!



Well, it has been four months waiting now (as of Dec. 26, and I am late getting this updated). We are in wait mode and fundraising mode right now. We just spent the holidays with family and friends in MI and TN. It was a great holiday season for us, but very busy also. I talked to our caseworker at Gladney a few days ago and I was telling her how fast this process seems to be going. Time goes so fast anyway when we stay as busy as we are. I try to cherish each moment with the kids because they are growing so fast. I can't even imagine how fast life will go with four kids at home.

I just called our caseworker to see on her end how things were going and touch base and I had some questions for her. Of course, I knew that she couldn't "tell" me anything because she doesn't know anything yet either. She will get a call from the in-country staff to say that our referral is ready and then she will call us. So, I just filled her in on what we have been doing in the waiting period. I can't wait until the day I see her number come up on my phone.
Well, the Penny Jar Project is going great! Just in the month of December we collected 75 jars. In real dollars that equals $750.00. Praise the Lord! We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the PJP. We greatly appreciate all of you and you are already a part of our children's lives. They will one day realize how great of a gift it was from all of you. Again, we really want a picture of you when you fill your jar so we can make a picture of all your faces so they can see who brought them home from Africa. We are also now connected with a non-profit organization called Life Song for Orphans and can receive tax deductible gifts towards the PJP. Email me for more information or send your pictures to tonikingsbury@cox.net .

Ethiopia just celebrated Christmas there on January 7th. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church's celebration of Christ's birth is called Ganna. You can read more about the holiday in Ethiopia at


Merry Christmas to our kids in Ethiopia! Or should we say Merry Ganna?
By the way, Sophia wanted this to be our #4 picture. She did it all on her own with her geoboard in math yesterday and brought it to me. I love that they are always wanting to stay involved in every part of the process. They are so excited to have a new brother(s) and sister(s).