PJP Yard SALE!!!

Penny Jar Yard Sale... Yes, we are doing another fundraiser, but this time it is here at our house on June 11th and 12th to raise money for our adoption. We are getting soooooo close and need to raise the rest of the funds soon. If you are spring cleaning, please set aside some things to drop off at our house for the yard sale. We will take large or small donated items. Our kids and their friends will be selling baked goods and snow cones also. It will be a fun day and we hope to raise lots of money to get our babies home soon!!!!!! Let us know if you can help in any way! Email me at tonikingsbury@cox.net . Thanks so much for all our faithful Jar Heads!

And now our UPDATE for the month of March is up to $2700! Thanks so much everyone. Our babies already have so many friends and family that love them so much and we are so thankful for all of you! We love all our Jar Heads!!! :)


Penny Jar Update...

Just wanted to praise our Heavenly Father and thank all our family and friends for our donations coming in. Just in the month of March already we have raised $1157.30 in Jars! Wow! Thank you everyone for all your donations! We are so excited to see God at work in orphan care. We can't wait to tell our kids all about how you helped them come home to their Forever Family!

James 1:27 You are helping to look after orphans. Thank you and may God bless you all!


Big Changes

Well, we are over six months in our wait now for our referral. Today we got notice that the Ethiopian Embassy has changed their policy in the court date for the adoptions. Read what our agency said (the short version):

"Our in-country staff were notified today by the Federal courts in Ethiopia that a new policy has been implemented, effective today, requiring all adoptive parents to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for their court dates before their adoption can be finalized in court. This policy will now require families to travel to Ethiopia twice during their adoption process (once for adoptive parent to appear in court and once for them to pick their children and bring them to the US)."

So, that means we need to raise even more money so we can travel twice. We were hoping to bring Sophia and Silas with us on the trip. We hope to still do that, but we don't know which trip they would go on. Probably the second one. And that is if we can raise all that money. If anyone has international sky miles they want to donate, that would be a great blessing. The Penny Jar Project will have to collect a lot more pennies!!!

Other than that, our wait has gone smooth. Last week I thought I got "the call"! I have the Gladney number saved on my phone as "the call from Natalie". My phone rang and that came up. My heart sank! I had a quick moment of "THIS IS IT!" And then quickly realized it was our caseworker returning one of my phone calls from earlier. Then my heart sank again in a disappointed way. Oh well, God knows the perfect time!