One Month and counting...

We have been waiting one month now. It flew by so fast. Ever since we have been placed on the official waiting list for our adoption I can't stop thinking about that phone call that could come at any time. Although, I have been so busy that this month really did go fast and it made me realize how fast this time will go by just waiting. I am also reminded that God is in complete control of the time that is perfect for us to bring our kids home. I constantly think about the details and possibilities: what ages the kids might be, where they are right now and what are they doing, what they will look like, will they be boys or girls, are they ready for their forever family to come and bring them home, are they happy and safe, will they understand our language or speak it...so many questions going through my mind all day long. The kids talk about their brothers/sisters all the time also. They can't wait! But, for now, it is like being pregnant and dreaming of the day they arrive. We need this time to prepare for them to come home, finish all the details of the adoption process and raise the funds to complete the adoption. Our plan is to take Sophia and Silas with us to Ethiopia when we pick up the kids, so we are trying to raise enough money for that too. My mom might try to come also and help us with our 4 children while in Ethiopia.

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you." John 14:18
God did not leave us as orphans, He adopted me and my family into His kingdom as His children. Therefore, we are adopting our children into our family so they may be adopted into His kingdom one day. What a blessing it is to be walking with the Lord in His journey!


They are getting TOO BIG! Kids "school pictures"

Here are the latest pictures of my awesome kids...

Sophia Rose is now 8 years old. She is such a beautiful young lady

Silas Jaxon is my handsome little man. He will be 6 years old next month. Wow!
My kids are just getting too big. These are the picture we took one day when they got some new school clothes for their birthdays. We just said these would be the "school pictures" this year. I will be taking more later this fall.