Our Website is up and running now...

Check out the Penny Jar Project website. It is up and running. You can donate your pennies now on the site. Don't forget to take a picture of you and/or your family after you have filled your jars! We want pictures. Everything is explained on the site.



Yard Sale Results

We had a great yard sale to start the fundraising for our adoption. And we also launched The Penny Jar Project and everyone loved the idea. We even had some people at the yard sale give us a "jar" ($10 gift)! We raised over $1800!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all who helped with the sale. And a special thank you to my wonderful in-laws for hosting this at their house. Marilyn worked so hard to get this done for us. Thanks Marilyn! And thanks to everyone who came out to support us. We are still moving right along in our final paperwork and will soon be on a waiting list for our babies! I will add pictures as soon as I get them from my mom.