3 Months!!!

Sophia Rose age 9

Silas Jaxon age 7

Dawitt Kassa age 4

And...Sweet little Naomi Genet age 1

This is my favorite new picture of us!

This picture makes me want to sing, "We are Family!" Here is our family of six!

Today is 3 months since we became a family of six. It seems more like a year. We can't imagine our lives without them in it. Genet just had her first birthday last week and is every bit one year old! She is walking/running all over the place now. Dawitt is speaking sentences now in English. This is what his sentence might sound like; "mommy, me eat, bath, teeth, sleep, wake, and stool (school)?" He wants to know EVERYTHING we are doing! We stay at home most days and do our routine of homeschooling. But, if we get off that routine he will let me know about it! He is still learning his boundaries at home and away from home. He wants to touch everything and experience everything. When we go into Walmart or Target all he says is, "mommy, I want" and points to everything. He can't understand why he can't have it, it's right there. So, I guess that would make him just like any other American kid! He also does everything that his big brother, Silas, does. Some of which he is too young to do, but that won't stop him from trying. All in all, they are both doing very well.
I would say that I have had the hardest time adjusting to our new family of six. And having three animals in the house feels more like seven kids. I still have to feed, give baths and clean up potty messes with the three animals. And then you throw in homeschooling with a baby around and it gets crazy around here. Thankfully I have lots of friends that have helped me along the way. And, also a great husband to support and help us all. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it has only been three months. I couldn't imagine being taken away from everything I knew to a new family, new environment, new food, new language, new clothes and toys that they've never seen. So, the days that are hard because Dawitt forgets his boundaries or it just gets crazy around here with four kids, I have to remind myself that God brought us all together just three short months ago. It's ok to have hard days and struggle with communication. Ultimately God is in control and He brought the six of us together in His perfect way and perfect timing. We will let Him lead us and carry us when we need it.