Introducing the Penny Jar Project!

Like all families considering adoption, the daunting question of finances loomed over Toni and I like an impending storm cloud. There was never much conversation about whether we could afford $25,000 or not. In fact, the only sound you would’ve heard when that amount was mentioned was a collective snicker. And yet, we knew God had led us to this decision. I began researching all of the possible financial aids. Grants. Loans. Credit Cards. Tax Credits. There are many great organizations ready to assist families looking to adopt once the home study is complete. So I bookmarked the sites that I would eventually come back to and we waited for our home study…

 I should mention here that I have an entrepreneurial spirit. At least that’s what I would call it. My wife would just call me a hopeless dreamer. But somewhere between the bookmarks and the home study, probably over a good cup of coffee, I got the idea to start filling Penny Jars. I know… genius, right?

 The Penny Jar Project was birthed from a desire to include our children in the financial process. We pray as a family every night for the adoption. Sophia and Silas pray this prayer; “God, we pray for the adoption; for the kids, for the paperwork, for their salvations and purity, and for the money.” Sincere as it is, it occurred to me that they had no idea how much money it would cost, or the sacrifices it would take unless they too contributed. Hence the penny jars. My recollection of past penny jars was that a full jar equated to approximately ten dollars. Unless of course your whole jar was full of bills, in which case you were much better at saving than I.

 So… $25,000.00 / $10.00 = 2,500 jars… Suddenly the ugly, grey storm cloud that loomed began to seem less intimidating. 2,500 jars are attainable. Not simply by my family, of course. This would require the collaboration of many. Those we already know, and hopefully many more that we don’t. Compassionate people with a heart for helping children. Children who, unfortunately, face nearly insurmountable odds to merely survive past the age of five without being rescued. People that can spare their loose change or small bills for a month or two. Friends who believe with us, that ten dollars is a small sacrifice to save a life. Friends desiring to share in our journey to adoption.

 2500 friends to be more specific. Friends that we have affectionately termed, “Jarheads”.

So, here's what you do... 

1 / Fill it! Pick a jar from home and fill it. 

2 / Snap it! When it's full, take a picture of yourself (or family) with your jar and upload it to www.pennyjarproject.com. 

3 / Give it! Then count the change and donate that amount via paypal. 

Thanks. The Kingsbury's