One Month in our arms!

One month in our arms!

Well, it's been one month that our two newest members of our family have been in our arms. I have not had any time to update my blog or work on the "into video". Having four kids around makes it hard to get to the computer at all.

We are all doing great. I will just fill you in a little on our first moments with them. Just a couple hours after arriving in Ethiopia we walked over to the house where Dawit was and met him first because Genet was sleeping. We couldn't believe that this moment was finally here. We walked into his house and he was standing in his room ready to greet us. The bonding happened right away. He greeted us with kisses and hugs! Wow, what a feeling!!! We waited for that for so long! He was even more handsome in person! He was excited to come home with us right away. The caregivers asked him if he wanted to come with us or stay there and he said, "go with them!" So, then we were off with him in our arms to go get his little sister.

We drove to her house right around the corner and walked in and she was waiting for us upstairs. She just looked at us! Then, for the first time, we saw her beautiful smile! Dawit was so excited to see his little sister too! We couldn't believe we now had both of them in our arms. We walked away and headed to our guest house. We get back and realized, wow, we are all of a sudden a family of six! It all seemed so unbelievable! We spent the rest of the day at our guest house just playing and bonding! It was a very sweet day!

There is soooo much to tell about our days in Ethiopia. I wouldn't know where to start. The short version (for now) is We LOVE Ethiopia!!!! We want to go back (if at all possible many times). It is truly an amazing place and the people there are beautiful! It made me a little sad that I was taking these kids out of their culture there. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.

Here are just a few pictures of us in Ethiopia. I will work on our video and more stories of our days there. But, for now, here are a few memories...

That's just a few pictures. I am uploading the rest to a site and when I am done I will put a link to it on here.